Re-Uniting Lost & Found Pets in Lubbock !

Lubbock Lost & Found Pets

We are here to help find the owners of lost & found animals in Lubbock. Instead of calling the pound or other agencies .. We all come together and find the rightful animals owners. With over 22K Facebook followers and growing, Our community is getting stronger – and faster. We will post all types of animals tips and tricks here on Our website. Information from local agencies, adoptions, and more will also be available. Please check often for updates.

We personally do NOT offer training classes or schools. Also We DO NOT have a facility to house or shelter animals. There are multiple companies and agencies out there that do in Lubbock. We only suggest a few, the ones We trust, and have used personally – that does NOT mean the others are bad. Any questions please contact Us.

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Our first & primary goal is to help re-united lost & found pets in and around Lubbock. Below is just a few of the other helpful resources in the community. Have something you want to recommend, Give Us a shout on Our facebook page

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Lost & Found Pets in Lubbock

Re-uniting lost and found pets in and around Lubbock. 22K FB Followers & Growing !