Two incredibly sweet puppies wandered up to our house near 82nd and University last night around 6pm.


I have not been able to take them to check for chips, but they are young, have no collars, and have not been spayed/neutured. White puppy is female (looks like lab mix, maybe retriever). Blonde puppy is male (maybe boxer/lab).

They are currently in my yard, slept on my porch last night. I have two dogs already and cannot take them in right now. I really do not want to have to take them to Lubbock Animal Shelter to get lost in the craziness over there.

Please, if you know anyone who fosters lab mixes and would be able to come get them, connect them to me. If you are interested yourself, please contact me. If you have any other suggestions, please connect with me. These dogs will make great pets and companions. They are so sweet and kind.

Email: [email protected]


Cory Hamilton
Author: Cory Hamilton