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Found dog


Rottweiler last seen around 32nd and Elgin heading north. Full grown, wearing a metal choke collar and a lightish red cloth collar. Tried to coax him into the car but he was skittish. 

Found dog2021-01-11T18:15:05+00:00

Found Dog


Large black dog found wandering around 25th and Ave X. Probably shepherd/lab mix of some sort. Very friendly and does have a collar on. People in the neighborhood say that she gets out and roams often, but when we tried to take her home nobody answered at the house she was attracted to. We did

Found Dog2021-01-08T16:33:07+00:00

Husky Found Near 53rd and Elgin


Husky came into our garage near 53rd and Elgin.Friendly and seemed well taken care of.Please describe gender and distinct markings if this baby is yours. Also provide proof of ownership.

Husky Found Near 53rd and Elgin2020-12-20T17:02:59+00:00

Found Saint Bernard


Found near 17th and Slide.  He is so sweet and has a family.  No tags or microchip.  I can't keep him.  Will need someone to foster if owners aren't found.  Please call me at 806-781-8916 if you are owner,  know owner or could foster him.

Found Saint Bernard2020-12-16T22:44:57+00:00



milo was lost around 41st and ave L as he was taken for a walk and to use the restroom his collar got loose and slipped off he ran straight and now we’re searching for him hes an American pitbull terrier some noticeable futures are his white belly and a white patch going up is

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