We Care Because You Care

Our first & primary goal is to help re-united lost & found pets in and around Lubbock. Need to contact Us, Give Us a shout on Our facebook page. We aim to re-unite as many animals as possible – also providing a safe way to find your next furbaby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a few of the questions We get asked often. Anything not addressed below please Contact Us

We do not have a facility. Our website & Facebook page is to help re-unite animals, We are NOT A SHELTER.
Please post the animal to the “Found Animals” page. Post will auto be shared to Our facebook page.
We do not condone or support keeping a found animal. The animal in question has a home somewhere – We need to get it back home.
Due to the amount of calls, and repetition calls – We do not have a call center and or a “official” phone number. For help please post to Our pages, and or call rescues / local vets.
Yes, We are real ! Group of dedicated animal lovers united for one purpose – to help bring lost & Found animals back home.
Rescues get flooded with animals, quite often. Please hold & FOSTER the animal until the owners can be found, or rescues/LAS has capacity.
Yes you can donate to Lost & Found Pets of Lubbock. Our donations are handled by our web designer – and funds are split out to whats needed.
You can help easier than you think … fostering an animal, feeding strays, getting animals “fixed”, and so much more helps as well.

Re-Uniting Animals in Lubbock

Our first & primary goal is to help re-united lost & found pets in and around Lubbock. Below is just a few of the other helpful resources in the community. Have something you want to recommend, Give Us a shout on Our facebook page.  Support & ongoing care for animals, our website, and more is possible by Our sponsors.